About Our Puppet Ministry


Puppets for JESUS exists to win the lost, strengthen faith and equip the saints through the power of God's word. 

Our puppet ministry is here to help your puppet ministry. Enjoy free puppet skits, curriculum, ideas and more. We're here to help you empower young people with God's word through creative ministry. 

Our youngest generations are under attack like never before, they're on the front lines everyday and many of them don't even realize it. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could equip them with everything they needed to win every battle they're up against? Whether it be bullying, drugs, doubt, low self-esteem, temptations and the so many confusing things that our young people face on a daily basis, wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever if we could give them something that would make them wise, brave, strong, confident and victorious in every situation? Guess what? We can! 

God's word is an unfailing, infallible, undefeatable weapon in our spiritual arsenal and when we believe it, learn it, do it and wield it with the full armor of God, there is nothing in this world that we cannot overcome victoriously!

So, yeah, that's what we're about here at Puppets for JESUS. We're about God's word and getting it into the hearts of young people in a fun and creative way so they may always know how amazing, powerful and loved they truly are.